Financial Literacy Seminar for OFWs


RIYADH – VFSTCPII Riyadh together with Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy, OFW Usapang Piso, Community Investigative Support (CIS), and Movement for Real Reform and Development (MRRD-OFW) conducted a timely “Financial Literacy Program for OFWs” on October 6, 2017. The purpose of the seminar was to help our kababayans learn how to free themselves from non-sense utang, prepare for emergencies, and grow their hard-earned money. 95 attendees from different Filipino Community organizations joined the seminar conducted at the Philippine Embassy.

First Consul Christopher Patrick Aro opened the event with an address welcoming the participants with a few words of encouragement on financial stewardship. The two main speakers who are both ardent advocates of financial education were Chief Dexter Panganiban (VFSTCPII) and Mr. Aldwin Resurreccion from Angat Pilipinas Coalition.

Chief Panganiban discussed on the Steps to Financial Security emphasizing on the importance of giving a monthly love offering to God and staying clear from so-called “bad debts”. He also talked about investment instruments such as Stocks and Pooled Funds which OFWs can use to grow their income.

Mr. Resurreccion focused on issues such as Fighting Fraud and Scams (including investing in Bitcoin) wherein a lot of our overseas kababayans suffered financial loss due to lack of proper knowledge on the in and outs of certain fraudulent “get-rich-quick” schemes. He also highlighted the Keys to Responsible Spending which plays a very important role in maintaining good financial stewardship.

VFSTCPII Riyadh is committed to provide and promote moral and spiritual values for the development of the human person committed to the building of “a just and humane society” and an independent and democratic nation. To arrest the moral decay of Philippine society by recovering and promoting positive Filipino values as a source of moral consensus, national identity, and pride.