Global Party List Legislative Agenda for Women-OFW-Family

One of our legitimate member from VFSTCPII Riyadh is a candidate as a representative for Party  List. The name of the Party list is Global Party List. You can see below the Legislative agenda of the party as follows:

Global Identification Card

  • Expanded OFW ID-discounts for medicines, hospitalization, restaurant etc.

Livelihood and Business Assistance

  • Tax exemption minimal loan interest, capital subsidy

OFW Pension Plan

  • Scheme for Retirement and disability benefits

Benefits in Education and & Healthcare

  • Scholarships and Medical Support

Access on Housing Programs

  • NO interest for 2 years, Affordable monthly payment

Legal Assistance

  • Free Legal Assistance

Casting of Votes in Saudi Arabia is from April 13 to May 13, so be counted and be sure to support our Party List. We need to nominate only 1 Party list or else our vote will be considered as Null and Void. Overseas Votes will be counted on May 13, 2019.

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